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Nils Pollheide studied guitar (popular music/jazz/blues/pop/rock) at conservatory of Arnhem (NL). He got lessons from Frank Sichmann, Onno Kelk and Henk van Rossum and joined workshops from Kurt Rosenwinkel, Steve Swallow, Carla Bley, Scott Henderson and Mike Stern. After graduating in Arnhem the bachelor of music with a very good mark he followed personal master classes with most renowned german jazz guitarist Michael Sagmeister.

In 2008 he released his debut album „Count On Me“, which got many good reviews in Germanys most renowned jazz magazines. Michael Sagmeister said about it: „A very good album of a highly talented guitarist!“
"…succeeded with a fine jazz album, based on a fluent Martino/Sagmeister style with very a individual tone." Lothar Trampert - Gitarre & Bass (2008)

As co-producer and composer Nils Pollheide released further three studio albums and two live vinyl LPs of a studio concert with the „Katharina Maschmeyer Quartet“. The music of the quartet is a mixture of modern jazz, funk and rock. With these album productions released worldwide, many concerts nationwide and many features in renowned german magazines the quartet has made a name for themselves all over Germany.
The quartet played at prestigious festivals such as the Leverkusener Jazztage (future sounds 2012) and many performances featuring WDR Jazz Prize winner Frederik Köster.
In the meantime the quartet is called „KA MA Quartet“ to underline that this project has no certain leader but several composers and also has grown into a tightly knit unit with an equally multi-faceted and open sound.
„In the past I had several times the pleasure to listen to your concerts, and I consider the KA MA Quartet to be one of the most impressive live bands of the country..“ - Jazz Podium (Thorsten Hingst) (2014)

„…Nils Pollheide, (…) influenced by all-rounders as Larry Carlton, Scott Henderson, Wayne Krantz or Robben Ford as well as by two of the most idiosyncratic modern jazz guitarists John Scofield oder John Abercrombie…“ - Jazz Podium

Further album releases and band experiences artistically and also with cover projects (rock/pop/top40) Nils made with projects such as „King Karamel“ and cover band „Seven Beats“.
By studying many-sided and participating projects of different styles Nils Pollheide is familiar with all typical styles of popular music. His personal guitar style has grown over the last years also by influences of guitarists like Larry Carlton, John McLaughlin and Carlos Santana. "…Pollheide fascinates with his vibrant and fluid guitar playing and refrences the English jazz rock pioneers of the 1970s with his complicated and inspired passages..."
Félix Marciano-Jazz Magazine

Since 2014 he teaches guitar (popular music - rock/pop/funk/jazz/blues) at the privat KlangART Jazz & Pop Academy in Osnabrück.
He also works as sound engineer at KlangART and makes demo productions and also mixed some worldwide released albums of his own projects.



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